We create videos for performing artists with sensitive understanding and a commitment to excellence.

An artistic performance should be preserved with artistry. As professional classical musicians we possess the eye, the ear and the sensibility to ensure that.

Combining our musical insight with our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the video production process enables us to achieve something far more than simply a recording of a performance. Our uncompromising commitment to quality has resulted in collaborations with some of the most distinguished musicians, institutions and festivals in the classical music world.

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This is where we meet with the artists eye to eye in a focused environment. With calm working surroundings and a thorough conceptual approach, music is made with polish and refinement, both audibly and visually.


Our productions meet uncompromising standards and are carefully tailored to the specific needs and aims of the individual artist(s). With our flexible approach to available technical capabilities we are able to offer workable solutions for every budget. We always show respect for the concert environment by working quietly, discreetly and with a minimal footprint in order not to detract from the natural feel and look of the performance.


Both the music and the stories behind it deserve more than a conventional approach. We place an
emphasis on personal narratives, focusing attention on the most noteworthy aspects of each project through an
arresting and original visual language.

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»The film production is so good that it deserves to exist on its own merits. It is an artistic performance, not merely a faithful recording of the concert.«

Amir Mandel — Ha’Aretz newspaper

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Our team builds upon a dynamic network of creative minds.

Each performance is unique. That is why we treat every single project with care, giving the highest priority to the individuality of the artist within the larger context of the performance. Inventive new ways of synthesizing the aural and visual content are foremost in our minds.

Preliminary consultations with the performing artist, together with a fertile exchange of ideas among the members of our team throughout the production and post-production phases of development, form the core of our philosophy.

We are always excited by new challenges and look forward to your inquiry.

Yoel Culiner
General Manager

Elisabeth Culiner
Creative Director

Emilio Cordero Checa
Co-producer / Lighting Designer

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